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Whole plant extraction is a substance made from the hemp plant. It contains a complete composition of cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids and waxes, which can then be isolated and broken down into different elements. Also known as full spectrum, whole plant oil contains all the rich and beneficial components of the plant.
Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the main psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. It’s what makes you feel “high” and alters your perception of reality, but it also has an impact on your sensation of pain, neurological patterns, and more, giving it an important effect on your health.   THC is solid when it’s cold, but when you heat it, it becomes sticky and gloppy. There’s a synthetic version of THC called dronabinol, available through a prescription in the US and Canada under the brand name Marinol.
Terpenes, or terpenoids, are chemical compounds that occur naturally in many plants. They produce a distinct colour and/or odour, alongside their other effects. Pine resin, with its strong smell of pine, carotenoids, with their bright orange, red, and yellow colours, and rubber are all examples of terpenes found in different plants.   Cannabis also produces many different terpenes, which give distinctive smells and flavours to different strains of cannabis. Terpenes work together with cannabinoids to create the many effects and properties of cannabis.
Retrograde signaling is the opposite action to that of other neurotransmitters.   In nerve cells that release soothing Gaba-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), cannabinoids reduce the amount that’s released, stimulating the muscles of the body. In nerve cells that release stimulating Glutamate neurotransmitters (Glu), the cannabinoid inhibits its release, creating a calming effect. In this way, cannabinoids help to keep the stimulating and calming hormones in balance, maintaining a healthy body.
“Raw” is the term used to describe fresh cannabis before it’s been processed and had the relevant chemical compounds extracted and prepared.
When a substance is psychoactive, that means that it has an effect on your brain and your nervous system, without affecting your ability to think or perceptions of reality. Psychoactive substances include opioid-based painkillers, neurological drugs like those used to treat epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, some hormonal medicines, and a wide range of other medicines including caffeine, sedatives, nicotine, antidepressants, and antibiotics.   CBD is psychoactive as it can affect your mood, perception of pain, or stress levels. But unlike many other psychoactive drugs, it’s non-intoxicating. CBD is a psychoactive substance with a very high safety level, carrying little risk of addiction, dependence, or altered perception of reality.
When we say that CBD oil is non-intoxicating, we mean that it won’t get you high. THC, which is another substance found in cannabis, is intoxicating, and cannabis products that are high in THC are what make you feel “high,” “stoned,” or “buzzed.”   CBD has the big advantage of being psychoactive, so it does have an impact on your mental, physical, and emotional health, but without being intoxicating. That’s what makes it a safe substance that’s legal in many countries.
Neurotransmitters could also be called the chemical messengers of the brain. They transport instructions from the nerve cells in the nervous system to their target cells anywhere in the body, through a synapse. The target cell could be anything - a nerve cell, muscle cell, or gland cell that produces hormones - so neurotransmitters play a key role in everything you do, feel, and think. Neurotransmitters govern important brain systems that control your cognition, emotions, and motivation. When neurotransmitters carry a neuronal signal to a target cell, it’s called anterograde signaling.
The dried flowers and leaves of the female cannabis plant. This the most widely consumed form of cannabis.
Isolated CBD oil is made from natural CBD which is derived from either cannabis or hemp plants. The oil does not contain terpenes or other cannabinoids. It has no smell and no taste, and it’s completely THC-free.
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